Beyond Breath

Heal your body and move beyond trauma with this breakthrough 8-part course

The complete guide to finding safety in your body and trusting yourself

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"My world opened up to endless possibilities. "

"My world opened up to endless possibilities. I started taking Beyond Breath when I was pregnant and trying to find a way to combat triggers. I was concerned about losing my testimony in my religion. I found the Beyond Breath program to be the catalyst I needed for change and exploration of my body and soul, and a kickstart to acceptance of my whole SELF. I now teach yoga and my mindfulness practices are enhanced and I have continued to rise in vibrational level. I am so grateful to have been led to Sariah’s program!" – Kristin P.
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What if everything you needed to heal and find happiness in your journey through life was inside of your body all along?

And all you needed to access it was to understand how your body speaks to you?

Right now you're likely going through... 

  • Reeling from a recent betrayal

  • Trying to leave a toxic environment

  • Experiencing anxiety attacks

  • Struggling with symptoms of anxiety such as unhealthy habits or addictions

  • Going through a painful separation

  • Starting a new phase of life and phasing out of your old one

  • Going through a faith transition

  • Trying to set up boundaries but can't seem to get it

  • Dealing with major disappointment

  • Working through trauma or overcoming the effects of trauma in your childhood

Hi, I'm Sariah!

Hi, I’m Sariah, a yoga therapist, teacher, author, and homemaker. For the first time ever I’m making my life-changing Beyond Breath program available to you through an online Bloom for Women-certified workshop that will revolutionize your relationship with yourself, with your body, and with the people in your life. This course was inspired by my own life experiences and refined through years of groundbreaking clinical work on body movement, connection, and love. Discover more about this program by watching the video below.
Sariah Bastian
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Discover more about this groundbreaking course

My Own Journey

Where It All Started

When I was younger I used to think life would be easy.

All I needed to do was check the boxes, do what I was told to do, and I’d live happily ever after.

I got married for the first time right out of high school when I had no idea who I was. I had no idea how to do a relationship. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The relationship didn’t last a year before it ended. It was sad. It was heartbreaking. It was embarrassing.

I married again not long after my divorce thinking “who in their right mind would marry me now? I’m 19 years old and already divorced.”


That’s who was talking. I still didn’t know who I was. I still had no idea how to do a relationship. I still had no idea what I was getting myself into.

That marriage lasted seven years and with it came my two older boys who I am grateful for over and over every day. But it also brought with it confusion, anger, frustration, heartache, and pain.

My second marriage ended with me thinking I was not worthy of love. I must not be good enough to work for. I must be a huge failure. 

In this state I moved on and “fell in love” with a man who was manipulative, abusive, and unfaithful.

I lost myself. Completely.

I was numb. I was scared and falling. I was flailing. I was losing.

To The Rescue

I studied yoga and completed my first 1000 hour yoga therapy training in 2012. I attended training almost every weekend and, while my physical body was there, my emotional body was thinking about what my husband was doing while I wasn’t at home. I thought that if I texted him the whole time, let him know how much I loved him, or hurried home right after class that he wouldn’t have time to do anything that would hurt me.

I was wrong.

When that relationship finally ended and we divorced, I felt that I needed to take the entire training over again but this time with the intention of helping people learn to listen to their bodies. In 2014 I retrained the entire 1000 hours and added on another 200. 

I completed my 1200 Yoga Therapy Certification in September 2017.

I discovered something along the way: my body had been talking to me for years. No, not talking – yelling. 

Screaming at me to LISTEN! 

I thought something was wrong. I thought I was wrong. I thought my body was wrong. I thought “If I just try harder, I can make anything work.”

In my lost state toward the end of my last marriage my body saved me. 

Without consciously thinking of what I was doing, I started noticing where my feet were planted on the ground when I was being talked at for how horrible I was. I started noticing my breath and found that if I could calm my heart, I would be able to see things clearly.

That is what saved me. 

In the end, my body saved me.

Where I Am Now

I have been in recovery for five years. 

Recovery from what you might ask? Recovery from life, my friend, because Life. Is. Hard.

Through my experiences and daily practice of yoga I have been able find stability and safety here in my own body. I LOVE my body and have found a relationship that allows for it to speak its truth. I am able to hold myself in compassion as I experience new things.

But something even more amazing happened on the way to where I am today: I discovered ways to help others learn and experience the same life-changing knowledge and practices that have allowed me to find enduring happiness.

I help others get in touch with their bodies. With their breath. Their truth!

And that is my desire for YOU. To give you the tools, knowledge and experiences that will empower you to find hope within yourself, to find your truth, to find you. 

Beyond Breath is the perfect way for you to start on your own journey of truth and self-discovery

Unlock the Answers Already Inside of You

We are taught in life to seek answers externally. We look to the outside world to tell us where to go or what to do next. 

But the real truth is that each of us has living inside of our bodies a UNIVERSE of knowledge that is untapped, unexplored, and waiting to be used. 

Beyond Breath will help you discover how to access what’s already inside of you AND give you the tools to put that knowledge and information to work for you. 

Your body holds all of the answers. Let’s discover them together.

One of the best features of Beyond Breath is that you can begin practicing what you learn immediately. I invite you to breathe with me today and use tools like:

  • Learning how to RESPOND to life instead of REACTING to it

  • Loving from a place of ABUNDANCE rather than NEEDINESS

  • Holding yourself SACRED and knowing you are GOOD

  • Trusting that you are HELD and that you can CONNECT and find intimacy

  • Speaking your TRUTH, living your TRUTH, and feeling TRUTH in your body and allowing life to manifest itself naturally

  • SEEING yourself as you really are; an integral, UNDIVIDED person that can exit the emotional roller-coaster and stand firm in your place

I have seen many therapists in my life and all of them served a purpose for where I was at in my journey. However, my life continued to unravel the same way. I continued to have the same experiences over and over and over again. 

It wasn't until I recognized and discovered how I was holding myself on the earth – how I carried my body – that I was able to make lasting changes.

Just on the other side of what you see and experience in your existence is a whole other world where healing and safety are possible. This course offers you the opportunity to discover that world. All it requires is your body, your breath, and an investment in yourself.

This is the right time. No more white knuckling. Forget trying to control the world around you. Find control within yourself. Pure, whole, sacred control.

Inspiration At Your Own Pace

Beyond Breath enables you to learn these simple yet transformative truths at your own pace. With over 50 lessons, this online workshop can be completed in a few short days or you can savor this groundbreaking content at a slower pace over the course of several weeks or even months.

In this course I offer a path for you to learn the tools to soften, to find safety within the walls of your skin, to love and hold yourself as sacred, to come home and find that the safest place for you to be is right here. In your body. 

The shape your body is making is the breath you are able to breathe. The breath you breathe is the life you live. 

Breath is life.

This work has been proven time and again in recovery programs helping people who feel lost and out of control come back to themselves. These same principles have been applied to addiction recovery to find lasting changes that are internal. 

Through the years I’ve worked with hundreds of women and men in a therapeutic clinic treating betrayal trauma and addiction. For many of them this program has been the catalyst for sustained healing and establishing strong foundations that impact every aspect of their lives. 

Everyone learns in their unique way and, by making this workshop widely available online, my desire is to give you the opportunity to discover a reconnection with your mind, body, and spirit and to empower you to develop deep self-compassion that transforms the way you think about yourself, the way you see yourself, and the way you talk about yourself.

The Beyond Breath online workshop, endorsed by our partners at Bloom for Women, includes the following content:

  • More than 50 videos featuring powerful lessons, clarifying meditations, and guided movements

  • My interactive Beyond Breath Workbook complete with illustrations, reflection activities, and exercises to enhance your understanding

  • Exclusive access to our community forum where you’ll participate in group learning, passionate discussions, and celebrate shared victories

  • New weekly content automatically added to the workshop for you to enjoy throughout your enrollment period

  • 6 months access to the entire suite of content, our community, and additional learning opportunities

Beyond Breath Core Modules

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get in each of the workshop’s core modules:

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Life: Beyond Breath

    • Welcome to Beyond Breath

    • Beyond Breath Course Instructions

    • Beyond Breath – Pre-Course Participant Survey

  • 2


    • What Are Chakras?

    • Chakra Knowledge

    • What Is Consciousness?

    • Energy And Expression

    • The Pendulum

    • Discovery Through Meditation

  • 3

    I Am Safe

    • Find Your Foundation

    • The Shape Of Your Body Is The Breath You Breathe

    • The Safety Pendulum

    • Finding Safety

    • Even If

  • 4

    I Can Feel

    • Find Your Fluidity

    • Senses

    • The Emotional Pendulum

    • Feelings Are Information

    • Trigger Vs. Truth

    • I Have A Right To Feel

  • 5

    I Can Act

    • Find Your Power

    • Power In Life

    • The Power Pendulum

    • Power In The Pizza

    • Changing The Dance

    • Desiderata

  • 6

    I Am Love

    • Find Your Heart Box

    • Let Go To Breathe In

    • Love Yourself Into Healing

    • Love Pendulum And Love Languages

    • Love From A Place Of Abundance

  • 7

    I Am Truth

    • Find Your Voice

    • Truth And Lies

    • The Truth Pendulum

    • Communicate With Your Body

    • Truth And Teeth

    • Untruth

  • 8

    I Am Light

    • Find Your Patterns

    • Color Meditation

    • Changing Your Habits

    • Seeing In Your Body

    • The Perception Pendulum

    • Prescription

  • 9

    I Am

    • Find Your Freedom

    • A Taste Of Meditation

    • Who You Are

    • The Knowledge Pendulum

    • Attachments

    • Your Role

  • 10

    Beyond Breath: This Is Your Life

    • This Is Your Life Beyond Breath

    • Beyond Breath – Post-Course Participant Survey

    • Beyond Breath – What's Next?

When you purchase Beyond Breath, you also unlock access to a vibrant community that is committed to working together to support, sustain, and love one another. As you experience this transformational program and put into practice what you are learning, you'll be able to share your victories and empathize with others. As you engage with the community and share your journey, you’ll be uplifted and find renewed strength to reconnect with your body, your intuition, and with your spirit. You will learn to love yourself again.

Instant access to all 8 core modules + my course orientation and conclusion + new weekly content + exclusive discussions on the community forum + free bonuses = 

YOU are empowered with endless tools, support and information on your healing and discovery journey

Membership Has Its Privileges

Enjoy these extra bonuses by joining Beyond Breath

I designed Beyond Breath to be a complete package that empowers you to establish a strong foundation toward real, lasting recovery. With videos, workbooks, reflection activities, meditations, and group discussions, you’ll have more than enough content to achieve your goals whether they are recovery from betrayal trauma, overcoming addiction, putting an end to self-destructive behaviors, or simply becoming the best you can be.

But that’s just the beginning!

Beyond Breath enrollees also get access to a plethora of bonus content and membership perks at no extra cost and they are only available through this workshop. By securing your registration today, you’ll have access to the full course as well as the following extras:

  • New Content

    Exclusive new content published each week including interactive features like “Ask Me Anything with Sariah” and videos from my trusted partners

  • Monthly Newsletter

    Free delivery of my monthly newsletter with the latest news, information, and meditations that will support you on your journey

  • Live Learning

    Special access to periodic webinars and other live online classes featuring me and my teaching partners

  • In-Person Events

    Member discounts to in-person events with Sariah including workshops, retreats, and other training opportunities (up to 25% off)

  • Facilitated Groups

    Savings on live group facilitation of my Beyond Breath workshop with certified instructors

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Read on to learn how Beyond Breath has helped hundreds of individuals

Beyond Breath works. It worked for me. But more importantly, it has helped hundreds of women and men acquire the knowledge and skills they needed to find profound healing and create lasting change in their lives. But I don’t want you to simply take my word for it. Discover for yourself what some of my clients have to say about their experience with Beyond Breath:

“I use my Beyond Breath tools every day! There is so much I didn't know until I took this course. I have learned how to listen to my body and how to get out of "stuckness" in my head.”

Sandra T.

“Beyond Breath is the BEST course on the planet! Better than ALL of the therapies I have ever done. Ever. Ever. Ever. I still rave about it and recommend it to my friends regularly!”

Laura D.

“I have been in therapy for over a year and a half and it’s been very helpful. But it wasn't until I experienced Beyond Breath that I truly began to see a change in my healing. ”

Deborah L.

“Beyond Breath changed my life and connection with my breath, body, and soul. I have found more safety as me, authentically, as I see myself clearly without judgement. ”

Sharon W.

“Breathing doesn't hurt anymore – my breath is now my power. To stay here, to get grounded, to find safety, to care for myself. Thank you for teaching me.”

Ali C.

“Beyond Breath has helped me remain grounded, to speak my truth, and feel emotions that I never knew existed. My life is so full of hope, love and purpose.”

Ashley N.

About Me

I believe it’s important for you to know my qualifications so you can make an informed decision about your investment in the Beyond Breath online workshop.

As a certified yoga therapist I have had the privilege of providing therapy to hundreds of clients representing over 2000 hours of treatment. The majority of that time was spent validating and putting into practice the exact information and techniques that you’ll have access to in Beyond Breath.

I’ve also spent a portion of my time during the past decade teaching traditional yoga classes in a studio or gym setting. This has helped to refine my connection with my body and help others to do the same.

It’s been a privilege to have yoga in my life and I want to share what I have learned with others. Since 2017 I have been able to teach more than 50 aspiring yoga instructors through my Yoga Teacher Training program. My students have been able to complete course work to receive their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification from my Yoga Alliance sanctioned school.

I have been teaching Beyond Breath in treatment centers since 2014. I'm proud to be able to continue my partnership with the Bloom for Women network through this online workshop.

And finally, and maybe most importantly, I’m just like you: I’ve lived life. 

I have experience. I’ve been hurt. I’ve felt lost. I’ve felt utterly defeated. 

But I have overcome those difficulties by learning to develop and trust my intuition. To listen to my body and plant my feet on the ground and breathe. I’ve combined everything that I’ve learned from my training, studies, therapy and personal experiences and taken things to the next level with Beyond Breath.

Here are my certifications and experience:

  • INBody Academy with 1200hr Yoga Therapy Certification
  • E-RYT 500 – Certified through Yoga Alliance
  • 2000+ hours of Yoga Therapy Training
  • RYS 200 – Registered Yoga School
  • Over 10 years of Teaching Experience
  • Partner and Instructor with the Bloom for Women community.

"The Embodiment of Love"

See what others are saying about Sariah

“Sariah changes lives by the way she lives her own. She's changed mine and continues to teach me and change me with every interaction I have with her. Sariah woke me up. She inspired me to see myself with love, seek truth, experience what it felt like to hold myself and others as sacred, and trust my intuition.”

Lena O.

“Sariah is the embodiment of love, light, and wisdom. She is authentic. She is a truth seeker and sharer; she fearlessly questions what others simply accept as truth and discerns truth for herself. With wisdom, grace, and love, Sariah unapologetically shares the real vulnerabilities that others may be tempted to hide or deny. ”

Karen C.

“I don’t have all the right words to be able to describe how amazing it is to work with Sariah and have her be a guiding force of positivity in my life. She has brought so much peace and strength to me and is constantly reminding me to hold myself sacred which is something that I had long forgotten about. I’m so blessed to have Sariah in my life as a mentor.”

Joyce R.

“From the first time I met Sariah, I felt an instant connection. She has a genuine, loving way about her that makes you feel as if you’ve known her forever, as if she is one of your oldest and dearest friends. Her wisdom and insight is truly remarkable. Sariah sees people as their best self and then goes about inspiring them to become that version of themselves.”

Sonya E.

“Sariah has helped me see with new eyes. She loves people as they are and doesn't expect anyone to change themselves. She never shames them for where they are at in their life or how they are behaving—she simply invites those around her to open their eyes and notice. This kind of love is the purest I’ve ever known. ”

Alison S.

How does Beyond Breath work?

When you become a member of the Beyond Breath community you gain instant access to all of my course content for 6 months. Each section of the workshop is anchored by a video containing powerful lessons designed to inspire, enlighten, and empower you to unlock the truth already living inside of you. As you complete each video, you’ll be given an opportunity to reflect and record your thoughts, feelings, and inspirations in a workbook I provide to each student. 

In addition to the flagship modules, you’ll also have access to new weekly content and you’ll be sustained by participation in our community forum.

Your time is valuable and I know you may not have more than a few minutes per day to devote to this workshop. That’s why I’ve designed this course to save your progress allowing you to pick back up exactly where you left off. And, if you happen to really like one of the lessons, you’re free to watch and listen over and over again.

I can't do yoga. Is Beyond Breath still right for me?

Everybody has a body and every body moves.

Regardless of your current physical condition – lack of flexibility, injury, disability or other ailments – the content covered in Beyond Breath is designed to be completed just as easily lying in bed, sitting in a car, working at your desk, or on a yoga mat. 

If you just listen to the words that are said you can experience what is being shared regardless of what posture you are holding yourself in.

The movement videos offered in each of Beyond Breath’s core modules empower participants to be on the mat if it feels right to them. The discussion videos, workbook exercises, reflection activities, and participation in our community forum can be done from anywhere at your convenience and choice.

What's different about Beyond Breath than simply taking a yoga class online or at a local studio?

Yoga is the "cessation of the fluctuation of the mind". 

Yoga is not just posture or alignment – it is learning to live with a calm mind. This program provides powerful tools through various techniques in order for you to be able to discover your own “yoga”; your own peace of mind. 

All that is discussed, questioned, and done during the course gives you the opportunity to take everything we talk about and everything you learn off or your mat and apply it directly to your daily life.

Is Beyond Breath right for me?


I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had that have said they wish everybody could take this course. Whether you are deep in self discovery, going through trauma or heartache, or rising up from where you have been, this program will benefit you. 

Every day gives you the opportunity to learn something new about yourself and this course gives you the tools to take advantage of those opportunities.

How long will it take for me to see results from Beyond Breath?

If you apply the information given you will feel a change in yourself, in your body, in your awareness as soon as you take action. You are with your body all the time and if you start applying them you’ll see results right away. 

What happens at the end of my 6 month Beyond Breath enrollment period?

You will receive an email from me one week before your 6 month enrollment period expires providing you with an option to extend your access to our content, community and live events. If you would like to continue your membership you may continue enrollment on a month-to-month basis for just $19 per month. 

If you feel that you no longer need access to the content, you can simply allow your membership to expire and you won’t be charged any additional fee.

Is Beyond Breath a Bloom for Women certified workshop?

Beyond Breath has been taught for years to hundreds of individuals at treatment centers affiliated with the Bloom for Women network. Our partnership continues as we work together to help people like you heal from betrayal trauma, anxiety, and depression.  

How do I enroll for Beyond Breath?

Signing up is simple. Take a look at the Beyond Breath package options below and click on the button under the selection that fits your needs and your budget.

Beyond Breath Package Options

Beyond Breath


The Basic package includes 6 months of unlimited access to the entire suite of course content including videos, our downloadable workbooks and guides, participation in live chats and presentations with Sariah and her teaching partners, as well as entry into our community forum for 6 months. Students can continue access to the content for $19 per month thereafter.

Facilitated Beyond Breath


This advanced package includes everything in the Basic package plus 8 one-hour group sessions hosted by Sariah. Students can continue access to the content for $19 per month thereafter.

*Our next group begins May 27, 2021.

Start Date: 5/27
Time: 10:00 a.m. MT
Duration: 8 weeks

For more information email me

Facilitated + Two 1:1


This premium package includes everything in the Beyond Breath package, access to 8 one-hour group sessions, as well as two individual sessions with Sariah. Students can continue access to the content for $19 per month thereafter.

*Our next group begins May 27, 2021.

Start Date: 5/27
Time: 10:00 a.m. MT
Duration: 8 weeks

For more information email me

An email will be sent following your registration to schedule the 1:1 sessions.

Tremendous Value, Modest Investment

Beyond Breath is priced in a way that is reflective of the great value you’ll receive while also being accessible to those who don’t have a lot of extra income. These numbers represent what you would pay for all of the elements of Beyond Breath separately compared to what you get when you enroll in this online course at a single affordable price.

Beyond Breath Online Training

8 core modules that include video instruction, meditation, movement and reflection activities

$1500 value

Beyond Breath Interactive Workbook

This companion piece to the core modules guides you through additional reflection activities, self-examination, and real-life application of course concepts

$99 value

Beyond Breath Online Forum Community

Instant access to a support network of members sharing their experiences, struggles, and victories. Having a strong network to lean on, be accountable to, and empathize with is an invaluable tool during your recovery journey


New Weekly Content

When you enroll you gain immediate access to supplemental new content that I will share on a weekly and monthly basis exclusively with the Beyond Breath community. At times this will be a video, a live presentation or webinar, a meditation, or even a special edition newsletter with tools and information that empower you to reach your goals

$60 value

Total Value = $1650+

Your Investment = $299

It's here. Ready. Waiting for you to experience.

Everything you need to heal and find happiness in your journey through life is inside of you – RIGHT NOW!

If you’ve read this far and you’re not sure yet if Beyond Breath is right for you, then I’d like to ask you to spend a few more moments considering the following:

Don't wonder "What if...?" Think "Even if..."!

Sometimes in life we get caught up in fear wondering "What if...?". What if I spend money and don't get anything out of this? This is my last hope; What if this doesn't work?

Instead of sitting in the fear of what you might not gain if you enroll in Beyond Breath, I invite you to ponder what you might gain even if you join our community.

Even if you only learn two or three truths about yourself during your Beyond Breath experience that help you set a course toward confidence and recovery that you can reliably use for the rest of your life, wouldn't that be worth your investment?

Even if Beyond Breath is simply a tool that helps you put together the pieces of the puzzle that are already in your body, mind, and spirit, wouldn't it be worth the value of this online course?

Even if you choose to invest in yourself by enrolling in Beyond Breath instead of buying that daily cup of coffee or buying the latest fashions for a couple of months, aren't you worth that one-time expenditure of $299?

Only YOU know the answer to these questions. Beyond Breath is here. Ready. Waiting for you to experience.